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The site is the work of Jeff Boverman, Don Mahoney, Steve Elliot, and Adam Brower If you want to get in touch with us just select one of our names and send us some mail - WE LOVE IT!

My name is Adam Brower '66 (expelled) and I have taken over this activity from Jeff Boverman '65. Jeff went to Stockbridge in the early 60's and now lives in Los Angeles creating web sites, interactive media and, of course, brochures, print ads, posters and other frequently given-away-and-then-thrown-away items. Steve Elliot is scanning like a mad man in New York while he teaches at NYU and Don is writing his little fingers into the dirt down in Florida. Very Virtual; Very Modern.

Please, Please, Please, if you want to help or just have old pictures or writing you would like to see appear in the web contact me and I'll work with you (or do it for you) to get those materials in the web.

Some of the things this web will contain are an interactive gallery of pictures and writings; a directory of names, addresses, phone numbers and email addresses (or whatever you want to post); an introduction to the web site - written by us - just for you; a compendium of links to other ex-stockbridge peoples webs or web pages; and finally an "announcements and bulletins" area where I can help you get the word out to people who understand what you are talking about.

Please pass this URL around!

Friends, Family, Sons and Daughters all want to know

Please don't hesitiate to contribute. If you have old photos, etc., or anything you might want to post - please feel free to send your materials to me - and I'll post them.

You can email me at:

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