Dick Nurse...

took all these great photos from the old days. More important, and most remarkable, he kept them. Your webmaster has taken far too long to get them on display here. Speaking of which, it may take a long time for them to display, because I put them all on this page rather than breaking them up. They are reduced in size from the original scans... if you want a full size, send me an email and I'll send one along.

The 1957 Basketball Team

1st Row: Coach Tom Moynahan, unidentified, "Stretch" lewis, Michael Goldstein, Justus Taylor, Kenny Edelin, Roger Lewis
2nd Row: Tim Barnett, Steve Morse, David Lithgow, Dick "Buzz" Nurse, Ricky Solomon, Lee Frank, Paul "Zeke" Clarke
Seated on floor: Lloyd Carson, Robin Lamb

Coney Island '57

Dick's B&W Snapshots