New on 3/25/00:
  • Go to Announcements to find out about the 2000 reunion..
  • A new link is at LINKS...remarkably enough...
  • Some addresses have been will be added REAL soon (like Sunday...)
  • Please send current pictures and address updates. It's easy...just click HERE. I promise to pay better attention.

Always check out the directory (use the menu at left) for fresh and updated addresses! I'm still thinking of a Memorial Page for lamented and departed classmates and friends. Email me with your opinion or contribution. If you want to contribute a eulogy, send it along before I die. (Then you'll have to eulogize ME!)
BTW, this site is almost entirely the work of the kindly, unprepossessing Jeff Boverman.

I am but a simple drudge.

I want to hear from you! Contribute stuff! Send current pictures! Tell me what you think of the site, what you'd like added, or whether you can snap your fingers together in that peculiar way Hans had.