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As so many of our members are ‘retired’ or self-employed – we have set the event to run mid-week in October so that the Red Lion Inn is able to give us their most competitive rate.

      The Stockbridge School Reunion
Wednesday evening October 22 through
Friday Morning October 24 2014
Focus hotel: The Red Lion Inn.

  Please note – if this is your first notice of this event – please contact us – so we know that this is the way to reach you

  see you then - Please to pass this note on to others,

  ed (& Barbara)

Our feeling is that as many of our group are either retired or can plan with a full year's notice - a mid-week event might/would result in a quantifiable savings for those who choose to stay at the focus hotel.

As always, feedback to edhyman[at] and also as always - if members from a certain year or group of years want to have a breakout reunion please contact us ASAP so we can arrange a location for a few hours or another day added so you can have private time & not miss the all-school aspects of the event. (school spirit and all)

Please pass it on - to all friends who might miss seeing this notice. This announcement subject to update, your mileage may vary but don't say we didn't give you enough notice!

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Adam Brower '66 (expelled)

Jeff Feiner's "Class of '64" page is still found HERE!

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Senior class pix Stevie Elliot sent Jeff a complete set of senior class pictures from the Symposia he gathered. There are many historical images of students in and around the school during the 50', 60's and 70's, as well as some current pictues of friends and classmates. We're still adding to these. Find out how you used to look. Remember why you thought someone else was beautiful.
Our Stories & Writings
Steve Elliot sent Jeff Boverman 3 articles written by Hans Maeder in the early 50's about himself, education and adolescents. Jeff republished the writings and integrated some illustration from the 1966 and 1967 Symposiums.I (Adam Brower) have added the Introduction to Gunter Nabel's book. Enjoy!

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