These shots from the past come from a variety of sources, and we'd love to have more, so if you have photos, please send them. It's amazing how the memory is jogged by looking at this stuff...old friends and feelings spring to life again. Personally, I like Hans and Kai crossing the soccer field.

You should be able to view all the pictures using Netscape Communicator (that's the browser I use). If you'd like me to send you a full-sized version of any of these scans, or if you're having trouble viewing them, please email me at

"Sherman, set the wayback machine for 1961, Interlaken Massachusetts!"

Index of Images

NEW!! (11/8/98) Click HERE to go to Paul Kleinwald's pictures from the sixties. He has sent so many great images, I'm only beginning to format and add them. Just a few for now...

NEW!! (6/7/98) Click HERE to go to Mollie Moon's scrapbook from the sixties.

NEW!! (5/31/98) Click HERE to go to Dick Nurse's photos from the fifties.

Below are other individual images...

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