The Stockbridge Guestbook

A thought... ...oh so recently discussed with Judy Cochran (Smith). We all give TREMENDOUS
kudos to Adam for getting this site up and running. That said, it clearly needs
a re-do with more recent technology and regular maintenance to filter the CRAP
that abounds. What if one of the Stockbridge minions (with the technical skills
to do it) was capable of taking it over, re-doing what needs re-doing, and
getting a domain name like that it's
more easily found, search-wise. And, what if we paid said person a subscription
fee of ...I dunno...$5 a year for their time and effort in maintaining the
site...which is what it's lacking it's not just a voluntary effort?
This site has meaning and importance to we Stockbridge survivors and
flourishers, and we DO appreciate what Adam did in the past. But a re-vamp is
called for before we abandoned hope and regular visits. Whaddya think? Any
takers? I'm an Ebay seller right now with a Paypal relationship. I'd be willing
to be the person taking the money and forwarding it to the techmeister, 'cause
I can handle credit card transactions, etc. Can we not do something to keep the
Stockbridge site afloat with updated mailing/contact lists & timely
anouncements, i.e. reunions/deaths/items of interest...while bulldozing the
TexasHoldem, Pornsites & most of all Mugu...OUT?
Diana Gilbert Quicksilver '65,


good idea, Diana.

if only there were such technology! the hardest thing to do
is to immunize guestbooks against vandalism. many noble efforts
have come a cropper, and believe me, there is no auromated way
to make a guestbook proof against crap.

modesty aside, i am myself possessed of those technical skills
of which you speak, but there is simply no technological solution.
a forum is either open or closed.

the discussion page will be reborn with a password access
model, but the guestbook will likely have to go.

in the next week or so, i'll be posting here an email address
to which bona fide stockbridgers can write to gain
access to the new discussion page.

the guestbook, though, will have to be moderated if
it's to survive at all, and i'm very busy not only
spinning the hamster wheel of commerce, but wear
a veritable headful of other hats...

so it's likely that the guestbook will be no more.