Stockbridge School Class of 1964

     I am using this web space to share some photos from my high school years   I want to hear from anyone that has school information to share but what I want most is to hear from the Class of 64. Where are we? What do you think of the current address book and photos? Tell us where you are and what you are doing. Do you have any Stockbridge photos I could put up here?
   Jeffrey Feiner Class of  64
A list of addresses and photo's of our class with recent photos! compiled by Paul Sternberg

     If you are interested in Stockbridge School please take a look at "Stockbridge School Web Page". Adam Brower is doing a great job of hosting the web page.
     Ed Hyman '69 has started some thing as well
     Do you know about Chris Heurich's  Mailing List?

Links to Mollie Lee Moon's "Scrapbook" and "Riviere De Loup" pictures

Week end of Oct 17th 2001 Reunion at West Stocbridge 

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April 16, 2002